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The Speed Ledge models provide the shooter an opportunity for better pistol control by implementing a cantilevered  down force near the front of the pistol- where it is needed most using the thumb in the Ulnar position.  The origin of recoil is located at the muzzle; not the chamber where other devices attach to the firearm's frame. Speed Ledge tames muzzle flip by pre-loading the muzzle and barrel with down force from your non-shooting hand thumb; as a result it considerably reduces recoil, muzzle rise,  and increases control.  It's simple dynamic opposing forces, and it works 'Shot after Shot'.

No other recoil device can restrain muzzle rise and offer better control than the Speed Ledge. The elongated thumb pad accommodates multiple thumb and hand sizes; and, with our Patent Pending Picatinny Rail Mount Design there is no drilling, no frame mounting, and no molestation of your firearm. Simply slide around your Picatinny Rail, tighten, aim, and fire.

The Speed Ledge is CAD designed by Aeronautical Engineers, lightweight (about 2.5 oz.), and perfectly balanced. Built in Black Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6 Aircraft grade alloy and anchored on to pistol's Picatinny Rail (Pistols Only) using a M5 Hex Bolt with rubberized internal ​rail adhesive strips for added grip. The Model G2 SL  is 3 1/8" (82mm)  from bolt center line to end of the thumb pad. The Model G3 Kurz is 2 1/4" (56mm) from center bolt to end of thumb pad.Our new Model G4 is about 84% of the size of the G3 with a straight thumb pad.

Below is a Right Hand G2 SL and G3 Kurz on a Glock 17

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​​G2 Models :  $54.95 USD Each + $3.99 USD SHIPPING  (US ONLY)

G3 Models:  $54.95 USD Each + $3.99 USD SHIPPING  (US ONLY)

G4 Models:  $54.95 USD Each + $3.99 USD SHIPPING  (US ONLY)​​



We are so confident that you will like the Speed Ledge that we now offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.   See Details on your particular item in Store.



  • Picatinny Rail Mounted

  • Black Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6 Aircraft grade alloy

  • Patent Pending Design

  • No frame drilling.

  • Reduce recoil up to 50%. 

  • Made in USA

Both the Generation 2 (G2 SL) Model and the Generation 3 (G3 Kurtz) are  available for both Left and Right Handed shooters. The G4 is only initially available for Right Hand Shooters only.  Speed Ledge does not change your normal grip or purchase; but instead offers a location to limit recoil and improve follow-up shots with your non-dominant hand's  thumb in the Ulnar position. Speed Ledge also has the capability in the most rearward mounted positions for reach around of the shooting hand's thumb on smaller pistols.  A  Human's gift is an opposable thumb- use it!

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 Lenny Magill demonstrating the Speed Ledge

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Speed Ledge

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Introducing the Speed Ledge Model G4.  It is our smallest Speed Ledge Model available. It is about 84% the size of the G3 Model and can be easily holstered inside a leather or nylon holster both IWB or OWB.  See our link below for modifying a Kydex Holster.e.

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For competition shooters, the Speed Ledge can be used in Open and Limited Divisions in USPSA;  Open and Standard Divisions in IPSC, and Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) Division in IDPA (as a variant under Swenson style thumb shields and frame mounted thumb shields). Consult your shooting association to verify any updates to rules before competitions.

Speed Ledge is designed to clear slide take down lever and furniture on all pistols.  This allows fast and easy field stripping without removing the Speed Ledge. Whether you're a beginner or a trained shooter, the Speed Ledge provides leverage and reduces muzzle rise and recoil impact by up to 50% or more  'Shot after Shot'.  

Shot after shot...