Q: What Sizes does the Speed Ledge come in?
A: Our present Gen 2 Speed Ledge is designed to fit hand sizes of all shooters. The Speed Ledge Generation 2 Model has an extended thumb pad, and an ergonomically grooved surface that allows control of the weapon even with the smallest of hands. The G2 Speed Ledge thumb pad is 40% larger than the original Speed Ledge. The G3 Kurtz Model is 7/8" shorter than the G2 Model and will be available in April 2015.

Q: Why won't the Speed Ledge fit my H&K?
A: It will, just requires contacting us and modifying the brace as we have found the H&K rail is about 1/16" thinner than most hand guns Picatinny Rail.

Q: Does the Speed Ledge fit in Inside the Waist Band (IWB) Holsters? 
A: IMI Defense Concealed Carry Holster (pics below), which is ambidextrous, works very well with the Speed Ledge. Kydex holsters can be modified to fit the Speed Ledge. The Speed Ledge will flex inward towards your frame when placed in the IWB position.
Q: Can I remove my slide with Speed Ledge on?

A: Yes, we made Speed Ledge to clear all your furniture.

Q: What is a Picatinny Rail? A: Designed in 1913 a Picatinny Rail ( MIL-STD-1913) is a mounting method that allows users to mount under a common platform different accessories to firearms. Pistol manufacturers began placing Picatinny Rails on the grip frame of firearms in 1999 with the introduction of the Glock Generation 3 Models. Since practically every fire arm company (including Kahr Arms coming out with the Gen 2 in Spring 2015) have added models with Picatinny Rails. Unfortunately however, the MIL-STD-1913 specification is loosely followed and there are a variety of variations and dimensional differences between firearm manufacturers. 

Q: How do I place my thumb?
A: The new Speed Ledge allows thumb down or thumb side contact with the new contoured gripping surface.
Q: How is the Speed Ledge able to fit inside a holster?
A: The new Speed Ledge bends inward when holstered to lower signature and printing, but remains rigid when firing.

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Q: How do I make my Speed Ledge fit a CR Speed Holster?
A: You will need to dremmel a small channel of about a 1/32"- 1/16" deep on the underside of both sides of the Speed Ledge (depending on your firearm clearance) to allow clearance for your CR Holster. We then recommend you treat any exposed areas you have trimmed out with Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black touch up.  Takes about 15 minutes to do both sides and treat, and does not affect the function of your Speed Ledge and we won't void your warranty if done properly. We want you to compete !
Q: How big is the Speed Ledge Model G2 SL Speed Ledge?​
​A: Measure from the center of the Picatinny Rail slot you will be mounting. Width at widest point is 1 3/8".

The G3 Kurtz model has identical overall dimensions except is shorter by 7/8".


Pistol Recoil Management System

Q: Can I modify my Kydex Holster to fit the Speed Ledge?

A: Yes, there are a number of very good Youtube videos that show you how to modify a Kydex Holster for DIY. (click here).  Also you can purchase one of our OWB Kydex Holsters.

​Q: How much does the Speed Ledge weigh?
A: About .85 ounces (25 grams). It is very light and offers negligible weight to your firearm.​

​Q: How long does it take to install the Speed Ledge?
A: The first time, should take about 3 minutes. After that about 1 minute (depending on your dexterity). Always read the Instruction Card first, and you can watch these Installation Videos .

Q: Should my accuracy increase with the Speed Ledge?
A: We say ‘YES’. Professional Shooters have been modifying their firearms by drilling holes and making similar modifications to their firearms for years.

Q: How does the Speed Ledge reduce recoil?
A: The Speed Ledge acts like a taunt spring; you pre-load with your thumb to create sufficient down force that when the cartridge is fired muzzle flip and recoil you feel is greatly reduced.

Q: Do I need to reacquire my grip after every shot?
A: No, watch Youtube videos of even some of the best shooters who are constantly releasing and reacquiring their grips,especially after firing heavy loads.  The Speed Ledge eliminates the need for the hand opening and closing as you remain firmly in control and on target thanks to your non-shooting thumbs presence dampening the recoil with the Speed Ledge.

Q: Will firing the Speed Ledge hurt my thumb?
A: No, we have designed the thumb pad to be smooth with rounded edges to allow a comfortable fit to your thumbs natural contour. The arm of the Speed Ledge absorbs a great deal of the forces generated by the muzzle flip making even the biggest rounds seem far lighter utilizing the Speed Ledge. By applying pressure with your thumb on the pad downward, your pre-loading the Speed Ledge to absorb the recoil.

​Q: How much should the Speed Ledge move?

A: The Speed Ledge should not move at all unless you press down on it with your thumb with force. Then it should flex slightly; if the Speed Ledge pivots then it needs to be removed, checked, and reattached. 

Q: I have multiple Picatinny Slot locations on my firearm. Which slot should I use?
A: That depends on your preference for location. Normal use of the Speed Ledge should be in the first Picatinny slot, but many smaller hand users may like in the second, third, or some firearms even have four slot locations.

Q: Will the Speed Ledge obstruct my trigger?
A: No, it is designed to be out of the way of your trigger finger.

Q: Will the Speed Ledge change my grip?

A: No, the Speed Ledge does not change your grip; instead, it allows a location for your non-shooting hand's thumb which is your second strongest digit to do it's job by reducing recoil.

Q: The Speed Ledge looks long. Can I extend my thumb?

A: Yes, the Speed Ledge is designed to capture over 80% of your thumb's contact surface area in either thumb's down or thumb's side position if you have large hands or small.