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How to make a Speed Ledge Kydex Holster

Unfortunately Speed Ledge does not make Kydex Holsters anymore, our Holster manufacturer was deployed and we don't have the demand to warrant a new supplier (or trust) - but don't despair you can make your own using an off the shelf Kydex holster with a light feature.  

The following works best with OWB holsters, but IWBs can be used.


What you will need:

1. A Kydex Holster with a light feature outline.  There are many on Ebay and Amazon designed for your pistol.

2. Two (2) pencils or tongue depressors.

3. Painter tape

4. Heat Gun

5. Gloves

6. Towel

1. Purchase a Kydex Holster  with a light feature outline. There are many on Ebay and Amazon.  The light feature adds the extra material to surround the Speed Ledge. You will be essentially morphing the holster to your needs.  

NOTE:  Make sure you have the proper slot you want for the Speed Ledge as it will be attached during the process.

2. Take a pencil or tongue depressor on the brace side and using painters tape use it to extend the profile of the brace on the side of the firearm to the pistol grip.  Take another pencil or tongue depressor and do the same on the Speed Ledge arm side but you may want to cut the pencil in half and splinter so it does not over extend around the thumb rest position.  You may also use balsa wood or equivalent.  The goal is to create a track or channel to 
allow a region within the Kydex to remove the pistol.  Do the same with the Speed Ledge thumb rest side but taping the pencil around the Speed Ledge. This will act a point to flare the Kydex so the thumb rest can be removed.

3. Heat the holster using a heat gun from the inside out. You want to soften the Kydex so you can insert the firearm with the Speed Ledge and brace attached and your added pencil apparatus.   Once the Kydex begins to shine on inside it is in form state; with the Speed Ledge attached press into the holster and with protection of a towel or use of gloves begin to mold or press on the sides of the holster. 

NOTE: Be patient, you will not get your final outline in the first attempt as the kydex will begin to solidify and become rigid. You want the basic shape to occur.  The point of melting is about 325 F for Kydex. Kydex cools and hardens very fast, but you can make several attempts to get the fit you want.  Don't worry your pistol won't melt but clearly avoid any heating with the pistol installed.

4. With the gun still in place reapply heat from the outside but again don't let the Kydex burn or begin to shine and using gloves form into place.  You will need to do this several times and occasionally twist the firearm to add to clearances.  You can put pressure on the opening near the grip flaring the intake region for proper insertion fitting.

NOTE: You may have to redo Steps 3 and 4 multiple times to get the shape you want.  You can use a tongue depressor to assist in forming or a wood dowel on the outside.  Your most likely going to have some flaring at the barrel end of the holster and separation of the kydex there to offset the increased size of the holster to cover the additional space consumed with the Speed Ledge.

5. The final result may not be that beautiful from the outside as the photos above, but with some patience you can get the exact fit you desire.