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" For about 10 years I have suffered from severe arthritis, and pretty much stopped shooting. Got it as a present from a friend and now able to go to the range every weekend...thanks"

-  Felton R. (Little Rock, Arkansas)

"Not a gimmick at all! This thing really to not even consider recoil anymore."

​- James K. (Warrenton, Virginia )

"I modified my CR Holster, what a difference this thing makes to my shootin."

- Carter R. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

"Just got it and used it at the range.  FINALLY I have a place to put my thumb. It really helps with the muzzle flip and what even made me like it more was that it did fit  my Kel-Tec PF9 inside my holster. No need to modify anything!" 

- Monte L. (Phoenix, Arizona)

"Thanks again for the new bracket. It really is an amazing little device. Glad I didn't listen to the 'haters' and gave it a shot."

- Ken C. (Greensboro, South Carolina) 

"You're right. I didn't have to change my grip. The SL slid right on, no problems. I'm diggin it."

- Patricia  C. (Tampa, FL)

​"..the one thing I immediately noticed is I no longer flinch when I shoot my 1911.."

- Andy B.  (Orlando, FL)